Oh my god, flames come out the back. Testing at Blyton 18.1.16

Testing at Blyton with Howard Patterson 18.1.16

Chase car is a Skoda. Flames most visible at the end of the clip.

Had a great day, Howard was impressed by Geen, and I gained a lot of confidence knowing the car goes pretty well on tarmac. I will have to get some night time flame footage. My car just got extra awesome.

2 thoughts on “Oh my god, flames come out the back. Testing at Blyton 18.1.16”

  1. I think saying “extra awesome” on a serious website is despicable. People DIE on Peking to Paris, hence you do not take this rally seriously. Also, no one cares if “flames come out of the AMX”: any sensible person would just stick to making the car durable for the 13,625 kilometres. I’m just speaking out for everyone here.

    1. Dear Mr Deavuea,
      I tried to send you the email below to make sure you wanted your comments made public, unfortunately the email address you gave is undeliverable, clearly “everyone here” is a clandestine bunch…

      Dear Mr Deavuea ,
      Thank you for your comment on p2pamx.com I am sorry we seem to have rubbed you up the wrong way.
      I am the author and wanted to make sure you would want your comments made public before I did so.

      I was surprised by your criticism, the website is used by many different communities, many of which have little interest in car preparation and so I have tried to introduce some levity into reporting our activities. Surely if you have looked at all the pages you will see the serious efforts we have made over the last three years, and continue to make, to try and get a good result from the rally? If the website was just aimed at car enthusiasts it would be too dry. We have been trying to engage with a number of people along the route whose English isn’t great, hence the place marker photography and use of moving images where possible to lighten the tone.

      Despicable seems a very odd take on a poor attempt at humour, “extra awesome” is not a term I would ever use in day to day parlance. We haven’t designed the car to produce flame from the exhaust on the over run but it does, and, as a car enthusiast, that excites me in the same way as running a V8 motor does, or creating a, hopefully, highly effective endurance rally car.

      I am not unaware of the risks involved in participation, people don’t just die on the event, they die on a regular basis and that makes the odds on it happening much shorter than one would choose. As a father it is sobering to be writing notes on “what to do in the event of my death” and bringing your will up to date. I hope I don’t live to regret leaving advice to not treat with hostage takers, neither do I want my wife and children to be opening notes from beyond the grave, but it would be naive to ignore the possibility that they might offer some comfort in the worst outcomes.

      I think you may have misunderstood the dedication I have put into three years of readying car and crew for the event. But that enthusiasm doesn’t make for good copy for readers.

      “Any sensible person would just stick to making the car durable for the 13,625 kilometres. I’m just speaking out for everyone here”

      I am not sure who “everyone here” is but perhaps you could indicate what you, or anyone else you speak for, would want to see on a website chronicling such an adventure? Surely if people take exception to the website they can switch away, generally it seems to have been well received and the feedback until now has been universally positive.

      best regards,

      Jim Valentine

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