Some thoughts on our return.

Geen has proved herself as a highly effective and reliable rally car. Jonathan and I have begun feeling our way into operating with her and with a few tweeks we’re nearly ready to ship the car to China.

The pleasure of driving Geen on the cols you would have to experience yourself, but: sharp turn in; finger tip control on the steering; very little lock required; torque delivered from anything above tickover; unfazed brakes; not a murmur from the clutch or gearbox; useful diff; enough storage; comfortable on stage or tarmac; good ground clearance; and it feels like it would just go faster and faster on the rough stuff.  Pressure is now on the crew to perform to the same standard as the car has been prepared to…

I think Morocco won both of our hearts, we enjoyed the Rif Valley scenery but felt quite a hostile reception partly.  Once we were south of the Atlas Mountains the mood lifted and I will remember the serenity of the desert regions forever. It was a shame to miss out on the chance to visit Cherg Ebbi and the gorge where, because it is so deep, the sky disappears above you. Yet we came away having met lovely people and just had a blast of an adventure

Sahara Challenge 359

Particular thanks go to Jonathan Lodge for being the total partner in our endeavour – being so strong, in particular, on issues where I am so weak; to Justin Holdsworth for helping out on the long haul home; and Benmahjoub Mohamed and his mates at the Berber Palace in Ouazazate, who probably gave us the best laugh out of many on our tour.