En Route but…


Geen lost her electric fan so overheated in traffic barely two miles from home. Once cooler and sorted I had a mad charge to make the train on time at Eurotunnel.  Landed in France and was barely underway before the engine cut.  Wouldn’t run at the roadside so a dramatic four further stops on the hard shoulder before I could get off the autoroute.

With terrific back up from Robbie and Howard over the phone tried all sorts of fixes and I had to use all my famous level 2 mechanical skills.  It also meant knowing where all the tools and parts were in the car.  Got there in the end once I tried the original AMX condenser.
From first brake down to getting back under way was five hours of stress and some danger in the wind and rain on a dark hard shoulder with the hazards not working.
Hoping to watch the sun come up in about four hours time…

2 thoughts on “En Route but…”

  1. Well done for getting going again, Jonathan is in the air right now, should be with you later today. Hope you have banished all the gremlins, have fun x

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