Africa at last

Arrived in the dark at a cold windy and fairly intimidating new port Tangiers Med. Stressful time trying to find offices, port locations, form filling and inspections. As border crossings go really not that bad.  I knew we had swung it when one of the inspectors colleagues got behind the wheel and started asking all sorts of questions – Geen provides a great introduction and backdrop to any encounter.

Skirted all sorts of near do wells in the port, got some cash and slummed it in a posh hotel in Tangiers.

Hadn’t really thought about it but wind, cold and driving rain wasn’t the weather I expected to accompany setting foot in Africa for the first time.

Breakfast brought fresh omelettes and cheese delicately spiced with Cumin. Last night’s dinner was tadjim and couscous, all over Morrocan flavours and with Tangiers answer to Silver Dollar playing the Hammond organ in the corner. Fortunately no photos were taken with the belly dancer…

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