Thursday 21 July, 2016 Bicester

089 (2)

We’d look tough if my overalls fitted…

090 (2)

Workshops were pleased to see us again.  All marvelled at how well the car looked post event.

IMG_0375 (2)

The happy crew relaxing in Paris.  We had the adventure of a lifetime and Jonathan made a lot of that possible.

If you have enjoyed reading the blog, please do leave a comment to register that you have been here.  There is only one more post to make after this: Geen is looking for a new owner to continue her journey as a fantastic endurance rally car.

5 thoughts on “Thursday 21 July, 2016 Bicester”

  1. What a blog. What a ride…

    Thinking of servicing the Multipla and giving it a go myself next year. Well done Jim, Jonathon, Geen, and of course Adam for losing the phone.

  2. Loved the blog. My daughter wished to participate with you. She was sad to discover she was too young for Peking to Paris (only 4) and her prized AC Cobra was actually a plastic pedal car with a sticker for an engine. We followed your exploits daily! I believe you are inspiring the next generation and I thank you for sharing the adventure.

  3. Hello Jim!
    I got a copy of Saab Driver today and I think that’s where it showed the link to your blog.
    Thank you for writing up your experience of the rally.
    I wonder what it would take to embark on such an adventure, just looking at the car preparation was stunning, and that’s before you even entered the race!
    You have shared what people like me will never achieve in our lifetimes. The scenes in Mongolia look amazing.
    I’ve taken the whole evening reading the blog from start to finish, time well spent.
    I’ve linked you webpage on my Facebook account hopefully others will read it.
    Thank you again for your blog.
    Best regards,
    John Daggett.

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