Monday 18th July 2016 Paris to London

Started the day with breakfast in a cafe by the Seine next to Notre Dame. Then a walk via the Pompidou Centre to the restaurant for a 12.30 start.

074 (2)

Laura at Ellsworth Restaurant did a fabulous job of laying a lunch on for us. I doubt I will ever throw a private party in a restaurant in Paris and this was just perfect:

DSCN8038 DSCN8041

DSCN8053 DSCN8054

DSCN8059 DSCN8060

Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 666 Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 668

Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 669 Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 671

Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 672

I got spectacularly drunk in Place Vendome on Sunday, only just remembered to park the car in the booked parking and got back to the digs to change for dinner at the time we were supposed to be sitting down.  Felt I had rather let Dot down as I was supposed to escort her to dinner. I hope being escorted to lunch here was some compensation.

Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 673 Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 675

Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 683

Novel interface for bread bags and balding men found.

Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 684 Peking to Paris 2016 Jonathan's Pics 691

Toasts were drunk to Michael and Bruce, the missing fathers, the restaurant and Geen Remmen who carried us all that way.


Eiffel Tower lit up in mourning for those lost in terrorist attacks.  The real world was catching up with us.

079 (2)

Crashed out on the Eurostar shuttle.

082 (2)

Geen comes to rest finally, was just clearing out the bags when I discovered (eventually)  that Adam, my son, had posted my mobile under my seat. This involved forty minutes of wriggling around under the car getting the seat unbolted. No idea why he’s looking so cheerful in this photo, if I had had the energy I would have strangled him.


One thought on “Monday 18th July 2016 Paris to London”

  1. Jim, Jonathan, Geen Remmen – we salute you.
    You have taken us all on the journey of a lifetime. We’ve held our breath for you, crossed out fingers for you, crossed our toes for you and gone through agonies when your tracker stopped working, but it was all worth it to cheer your triumphant finish in Place Vendome. A truly unforgettable experience.
    As for not escorting me in to dinner – I was so dazzled by the chandelier I didn’t even notice you were missing! So glad you made it in time for dinner and to collect your medal. A very special evening indeed.
    Please can I add a mention for Malcolm Oates of Absolute printers in Kendal who designed and produced the stunning banner is less than 24hrs. We were a little disappointed not to have to unfurl it coming through customs! So glad you like it.
    ……….. and now to watch all that spectacular video footage and hear the roar of the engines…..

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