One thought on “Peking to Paris in an AMC AMX”

  1. Dear Jim

    so glad Ned and I made it to the Valentine’s on Sunday, albeit briefly, for a raising of a glass. Want to wish you and Jonathan lots of happy times during the challenges of your epic journey on four wheels (one day I will convince you that 2 wheels are good and get you on a bicycle). Fear not about your Fabulous Family – as you know – they love you very much – and will no doubt be holding the fort, missing you and raiding the wine cellar (although, hopefully not Adam) in your absence. I will make sure I am around to help (with the wine cellar clearance). Looking forward to seeing and reading your adventures (living vicariously) and wishing you both safe but exciting times – the latter, not in doubt. See you soon – ish!
    Victoria and the Button’s

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