December 2016 Geen Remmen doubles in size…

Since December 2014 we have been building a historic race transporter out of a fire engine that served twenty years with the Berlin Fire Brigade in Germany.




And now.

We’re in the final phase of fitting out and it should be on the road next year.  It has a massive 8KVA generator (enough to power your average touring funk band), its own gas supply, two industrial microwaves and 350 litres of water.  The cabin will have a restaurant with design inspired by Leighton House in London.  This may be the only truck in the world to incorporate a stained glass window…

%e2%80%a2_design_ii_05oct15_21 %e2%80%a2_design_mosaic_05oct15_21

Where does Geen Remmen the rally car fit into this?


Why inside of course!

015-3    013-4

Geen provided the weight we needed to get the truck through its first MoT. Having got the test we’re weeks away from the truck being road legal.  Should be available for work and hire on next year’s season.


Added the current company name to the bonnet of the truck, is this the complete toy set?