Day Six 17 June 2016 Ulan Bataar to Bulgan Camp

Going off to the desert where comms will disappear your best bet will be to follow the event on where you can find our tracking, results and event reports.

Just broken my thermos flask, going to miss my daily tea, bumped into Telmuun he is going to try and get one and get it to camp.


And this is what our bottom arms look like half way through fixing. That boy Jonathan is a genius.


Big Chevy is still looking great the driver’s wife broke her tibia in eight places seeing him off in Beijing, the navigator decided to carry on with the car. That’s got to be tough and lonely.


Took this Duff photo in the main square of Ulan Bataar where we have a ceremonial send off. I include it here as I had a bit of a moment sending messages to the family at home while sitting on Geen’s bonnet. Particularly thinking of my daughter Inez, who turns eighteen on Sunday. They’re all off to New York tonight so when I try to get a connection in the desert we will be nearly on different sides of the planet.

Euro 16 update England beat Wales and go top of our group, hopefully as we progress through the tournament we’ll look a bit better as a team.

Left Ulan Bataar in horrendous traffic, cut 40 mins off our journey by using the bus lane but still only just made the first control. Did the first stage with too much vigour and bent the front suspension 10 per cent one side and a load more the other. Crew tensions rise.

Our competitive assault on the Peking to Paris Rally is over. Limping in from the first stage was an agonising drive at 26kph for hours trying to drive round the bumps and feeling every thump.

Jonathan worked his usual magic and repaired the suspension again. I’ve watched it happen so many times I could now do it blindfold. Jonathan has clearly impressed the chase mechanics on the event. If it wasn’t for him we’d be on a truck back to Peking.

We’re still on for a gold medal as we’ve just made every control so far, but there’s many days of Mongolia to nurse a wounded car through.


Bulgan camp

The Capri rolled three times over and over, they think, didn’t even break the radiator.

Jo rolled the Volvo she’s working on. She’s great.
Jonathan’s dinner for one a la Geen, He was still hard at it as the kitchen was about to close. Painful trying to make myself useful while someone else is repairing your mistakes. Can’t help feeling like a badly behaved child where everyone is disappointed in you but not making a fuss about it.


Jessica and Nick Sleep on either side of Isabelle Mathew. Their blog? “Always a Sleep at the wheel.

One thought on “Day Six 17 June 2016 Ulan Bataar to Bulgan Camp”

  1. Good effort to keep it all together chaps – well done!
    On a slightly serious note I have a request from our intrepid rallyists – if any of our AMC loving American cousins are reading this, they are in urgent need of a pair of original AMC Eagle lower suspension arms; as you can see from the pictures Jonathan has had to modify the existing ones but there will be a need to revert to standard shortly as the front suspension geometry is now seriously compromised.
    If anyone over the pond could point me in the direction of some, the team an I would be eternally grateful!
    I can be contacted by email or phoned on 01869250555.

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