Day 35 16th July 2016 London??

Slightly surreal experience dropping out of the rally for 48 hours.  Jonathan is now driving from Lausanne to the Rally party in Rheims with his wife Caroline navigating. Should be a great shindig, it is the last time the whole rally family meets alone.  Tomorrow’s finish and grand dinner will be nice, but diluted with friends and families of the competitors. I am looking forward to seeing the rough edit of the event film, bound to be embarrassing as I know they have working on the car tomfoolery and a monumentally bad spin in the can already.

Had a chance to cure my phone and can now receive email again, phew. As a result took delivery of some great email.

Rita and Roberto Chiodi in one of the Alfas sent this photo of how to marshal a control:

IMG_0242 (2)

Arrival board, check

Control board, check

Arrow for direction of travel, check

Marshall’s instruction? Fail?

IMG_0240 (2)

Oh no, check.

Guys you need to put an “l” in your stopcock

Also got mucho macho photos from of Geen on the Hungarian stages.

Duen I hope you don’t mind me publishing your low res copies?  When I can understand your website I’ll be buying some, email me if you read this. Readers please respect their copyright.

AMX Duen

amx 2

amx 4

amx 7