Day 33 14th July San Martino Di Castrozza

Wish I could sleep properly. If I get a room to myself I get up at five puddle around for a bit (write up the blog or check results) and then go back to bed. The hour I then sleep is the heaviest and the one I wanted in the first place. During the day I can sometimes get my head down at controls. Yesterday for seven minutes, and those really help with the fatigue.

Shocking news this morning. I saw Paul from the Mercedes looking wrong at breakfast. Turns out his co driver walked out at 1.30 this morning. So near the end, what a shame, I suspect he’s here somewhere in another hotel watching the rally circus leave town. Terrible to leave the rally in any circumstances. I hope they both patch up their relationship as I believe they share both a town and families…


This is my little pit, where I have pretty much lived for 33 days.


Oh dear, the ride of shame. Set off on stage one, a big bang and no drive. Can’t fix it roadside so currently in the car on the back of a tow truck. I thought the vertigo in the car was bad on the passes…



Federica and Enrico from the local motor club gave up the whole of their day to help us get fixed. Really kind and the guys at Scalat Auto couldn’t have been more helpful and generous with their time and facilities. Guys I hope you are all reading this. Thank you so much.


Diagnosis was hard we thought at first it was clutch or gearbox:

Clutch looked fine. Gearbox on the bench looked fine too. Changed the clutch and put it all back together, still no drive. It had to be the differential or drive shafts.

Turns out the thrust washers had been spat out one side and the whole diff had moved over. In doing so it wore off the splines for three milometres on the end of the drive shaft.

This is what the differential housing looks like.

So one of the cheapest components in the car has brought our competition to an end. We’ll now limp the car to Paris. Repairs took all day and then we had a long drive to catch up with the rally in St Moritz.

In truth having been second, then twenty second, then ninth, to now be nowhere in the event isn’t as crushing as it might be. The drive tonight without the worry of competing took in some stunning scenery.

3 thoughts on “Day 33 14th July San Martino Di Castrozza”

  1. Oh no!!! I guess it’s bound to take its toll on relationships and surprising it doesn’t lay more to waste. Such a frickin marathon. Xx

  2. Such a terrible shame! I had high hopes for you.

    I’ve really enjoyed the blog thank you very much. See you in Paris.

    Neil L-M (Car 30)

  3. So sorry to hear that, was really rooting for you guys. Very impressed you got to ninth. Really enjoyed the blog though I am worried about your omelette intake.

    See you in Paris (Nicole has made a banner – with tinsel on it) !

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