Day 29 10th July 2016 Rest Day Budapest

Up early to get to the workshops ahead of the other crews. Banking on a quick run through. Got in just in the nick of time as the Australians pulled out, they have a Lada front axle and wheels on their 1930 Ford Model A



Laszlo, tired from his daughter’s party the day before took me shopping and we found all sorts of motor goodies.


Tomas couldn’t have been a better host and refused payment.

As we left David Roberts turned up. He has been working really hard on his car every day. His wife threw out his overalls, as they had got so rotten, but bought him a set of very Russian hunting coveralls in a camouflage pattern.  When I saw him standing next to a small bush I said I have to get your photo, it’ll be really funny. I couldn’t get the phone to work at first. When I looked up to take the photo a second later, he had vanished. In fact he had hidden behind the bush, boy did I chuckle.  Phone had lost charge so I didn’t get the picture, I will try and get a photo another time, but as you can see he is a master of camouflage.

Oh yes forgot to mention we are officially 11th with a quicker car eight minutes behind us, two cars four and five minutes ahead but always the possibility that we or others can make a mistake and drop right back.

Just got back from a massage, sauna and swim. Very blissed out.