Day 26 7th July 2016 Brest to Rzeszow

Nerve wracking day driving to Rzeszow on just battery with no charging. We made it.  And on arrival there was the new alternator we needed. Managed to book the laundry and wondering where Anna might be, and there she was with Jerzy and Dominik.


They are old and great friends of my family. They have driven 250km to come and collect some of the excess weight we have in the car now we are back in Europe and aren’t in such a survival environment.


All this was in the boot, now left in Poland.

Vodafone seem determined to put me in an early grave. I have been without service for three days. To contact them I have to find an international phone, which isn’t easy or cheap. And when you do get a connection you spend the first ten minutes punching menus even before you go on hold for thirteen. Currently in the middle of a forty minute call.

Update, spent over an hour on the hotel reception phone, which cost £20. Paid £500 to stop them pulling the account and I still don’t have service. So looking forward to another call to Vodafone “service”. Charged a fortune for a service that isn’t there. It is mind blowingly annoying when a great big money pit like Vodafone can’t get its act together.