Day 25 Wednesday 6 July Minsk to Brest

Someone asked what music we had been listening to. Stand out tunes that I know the names of (we brought loads of stuff I don’t know well enough to report on here, will try to remember to post the them later as there are some great ones: thanks Justin, Xanthe and Bill):
Velvet Underground Down by the Sea
Simple Minds New Gold Dream
Credence Clearwater Heard it through the Grapevine


I may have overdone the cake theme for breakfast…


Sergey from hotel security, next to the Navigator sign I tried to steal for Jonathan. Knew I should have done it last night. Don’t know where he pounced from, but he is clearly a pro. Subsequently had a long interview with the head of hotel security, glad to finally leave as it was just starting to get nasty.


Four trials today, the last two full of event. A very rough stage and by the time we got to the second our alternator had pretty much stopped working. Poor old Geen finally crapped out 400m from the hotel.

These are the sweep mechanics at the end of the day. They work miracles keeping the rally vehicles running. Owen on the left has just swapped batteries with us. His truck usefully has exactly the same battery as Geen. With 40km to the border and 200km to Rzeszow hopefully we’ll catch up with our despatched alternator and this one will last longer. Phew.

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  1. Creedence Clearwater and Simple Minds are surely yours? That all you can come up with after a gazillion miles? Xx

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