Day 22 3rd July 2016 Nizhny Novgorod to Zavidovo


Chris Bury who makes space rockets as his day job took this stunner in Mongolia of his Datsun 240Z.

We’ve just arrived in Radisson Resort, Zavidovo, which appears to cater extensively for rich (mafia?) Muscovites and their families or model girlfriends from first impressions.

It’s been a big graft day covering 594 kms and three tests. The first was on a circuit and we should have picked up a little time on the cars we’re hoping to catch.

Finally stopped to get a province and car photo. And it seemed a better option than falling asleep at the wheel again. Fatigue is certainly playing a role for all the crews.

Geen looking shiny at a passage control.

The second test was in a gravel pit type circuit, we got round in an uncontroversial manner. Felt I could have been a lot quicker if I had thought a bit harder about it.

Next test was a tarmac, well concrete slab, test. Not long but very wiggly. Sadly the heavens opened and made the twisty route slippery. Geen was very heavy in the sharp corners and I spun really poorly on the exit of one. As I stalled and made a worse recovery turn I couldn’t help noticing the event video team filming away. Just typical you drive for thousands of miles, occasionally looking very butch and you just know which clip of the car they’ll use.

We probably lost fifteen seconds on what would have been an ok time. Irritating as we need to make up all the time we can. Be interesting to see how the results pan out.

Oh yes I forgot to mention that we got stopped by plodski for a third time. After we left the last test we got stuck behind one of the Chevy’s. These have very extreme exhaust set ups:

Must be noisy enough for the inhabitants, but following behind with our air scoop on the roof we basically get their exhaust in our cabin. After twenty patient kilometres an overtake presented itself. Just short of completing the overtake the road lines went to solid for one of the many village crossings. Plod was well hidden and chased me down on red and blue lights with matching siren. Shaming as the Rally has had several stiff warnings from the Traffic Police. I have actually been pretty good about not overtaking on solid white lines, so it seemed a little harsh to get given a hard time.

Policeman couldn’t have been nicer and we were sent on our way with a severe, if unintelligible, warning.

James Alexandroff, who entered the event in one of the more expensive base cars (an Aston Martin DB6 Superleggera no less) was passing and snapped this photo:

His other claim to notoriety was packing 12 cashmere sweaters for the event which came to light when he suggested he “might have packed too much kit”.