Day 19 Thursday 30th June 2016 Perm to Kazan


Daniel and John, they look so hardcore because they are. John navigated through Mongolia with a bad dose of the squits. Must have been horrendous.


Geen super dirty after three tidy stages in the forests.  Couldn’t see out of the side windows when we pulled up.


Boss Mustang looks, well, boss


More firsts, crossing a pontoon bridge


Andy’s birthday, organisers laid on cake. Decorations included blueberries, which I haven’t seen since we left. Twang of home.


Photo just in:
This is the gearbox the Jaguar boys ripped out on the suspension bridge the other day.

Competition department: were up to 17th as of yesterday. I think today’s tests went ok so hopefully we’ve made up a little time on the cars in front…
We’ll know better when results are published from today.

2 thoughts on “Day 19 Thursday 30th June 2016 Perm to Kazan”

  1. Well done! Easy does it with that suspension and you might still finish in the top 10.

    Did you have Daniel and John’s permission to discuss the latter’s squits online?

    The supply of blueberries at home has been as absent as you.


  2. You’re not doing too bad daddy-o! It’s just a little frustrating that
    you’ve arrived in Europe in THIS week. Hopefully you don’t get kicked out as well. I presume you have already bought me my container of presents.

    Lots of love,

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