Day 16 Monday 27 June 2016 Omsk to Tyumen


This was the nicest photo of Omsk I could take.

A dull day with cancelled stages


Hundreds of kilometres like this, but mostly far busier. You have to have your wits about you dodging in and out of the trucks and oncoming traffic. I took this during a quieter moment and nearly went to sleep at the wheel an hour later.


One of the crews made friends with this guy on a Cossack outfit, that’s one of them having a go


Waved down by Plodski, the Traffic Policeman, he just wanted a photo. Phew
Note how they use the AMC logo on their cars


This bad boy head butted the car. I think I felt the bump. Either that or it’s just dormant and hitch hiking.


Very convivial evening in the roof top bar. Nice to have a drink again.

Euro 2016 update England play Iceland at Midnight. Planning to get up to watch it. Well see how that goes…come on England.


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  1. Just been told Iceland also have cricket team so all is lost!

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