Day 12 Thursday 23 June 2016 Altai to Aya


The view from the tent this morning


Rough facilities at the camp and not much food, had to keep our wits about us to get fed. While it will be good to be in a hotel tonight and it was lovely to catch up with family at home and supporters… there’s a part of me that will really miss the five days we have spent off grid, in the wild and surviving on our wits.  Desperately trying to recalibrate to Western mores to cope with the forthcoming sections of the rally.


Oh my god we look butch, cars gather for the start


Time Trial start. In the top picture is a father and daughter from Holland in a Lancia. The car goes like stink. We were crawling through a difficult stage and they went bombing past, it’s incredible the abuse the owners put these cars through and what they can take. Today we were following them when she put her head on his shoulder and he gave her a cuddle back. Really sweet moment.

Update from the competitive section. We completed today’s cstages in good order, we start in Russia from 21st. We are hours behind the leaders, but we got through Mongolia with our gold medal status intact. The competitor in 20th is some twenty minutes ahead of us and we lead 22nd by a couple of minutes.

Hopefully we’ll pick up some places over the next few days…just been down to get in the way of Jonathan servicing the car, but he’s gone AWOL and with the car. Someone in the car park thought he had gone for welding.


Found him and pointed out I can’t fill the screen washer if he’s galavanting around getting the front arms welded.


Back on terms and kind of back in the rally.


Convivial evening meal on the hotel terrace, nice to be indoors, have a shower and have a toilet to sit on.

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