Cusp of departure

Off to a tricky start, One hold bag overweight, comfy seats downgraded to less good ones, and Jonathan’s hold luggage down from Newcastle not on the plane when he arrived at Heathrow.

Sure we shall overcome…

Update bag still missing, sent on next flight but plane grounded after lightening strike, hope we catch up with it in Beijing. Jonathan flew down on the jump seat in the galley. Before landing the stewardess came and gave him a blanket, “bit hot today, what do I want that for?” says Jonathan. Turns out it was to catch the coffee that slips from the jugs on the top shelf on landing.

Our pre booked comfy seats not comfy, £498 upgraded, thanks to Jonathan who reckoned he’d had a shit enough journey already…

Flight delayed 40 minutes so far

One thought on “Cusp of departure”

  1. What a lousy start. Hope comfier seats were worth it and your luck improves. Looking forward to seeing pics of Beijing…

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