Calm before the storm


Competitors cars in the hotel car park.  Main Time Control One first thing tomorrow at the Great Wall of China.  We’ve passed scrutineering; got Jonathan’s missing luggage; got the maps and Jonathan is busy preparing the road book (Volume One takes us to Minsk).  It all starts on Sunday.

I took this photo after “patting the horse”, Geen is going to go great on this event and Jonathan is super pumped.  I had a good feeling in the sauna (in spite of the number of Chinese bottoms on display – and I thought the Swedes were relaxed about Sauna)

As my friend Bill suggests:
“Dab of oppo, bring it back to Blighty”

Many thanks to all of you sending good wishes it’s great having your support.

4 thoughts on “Calm before the storm”

  1. Good luck! I’m sure this is the calm before the storm but you’ll soon be riding the wave of the great adventure. We will be thinking of you and hope you don’t have survive on yak’s bottom or something.

  2. Going to bed now and you’ll be up and off while we’re asleep. Everyone sends love and luck. xxx

  3. Good luck dad! Hope you have a great time on your love affair with another woman. See ya in a month


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