What to go in? How we chose the AMX

First considered a Chevrolet Fangio Coupe A mainstay of endurance rallying events now and several times a winner
First we considered a Chevrolet Fangio Coupe. A mainstay of endurance rallying events now and several times a winner
Lagonda 034
Nice arse, note the spare spring used as a bumper
Ford Super Deluxe, a finisher of the 2013 P2P event, but slow and heavy, we wanted something more racey
My two stroke Saab had a bit of bump in 2006, 13,635 kms in a small engined two stroke? Too brave and too tiring on long road sections, doubt if the gearbox would have made it and no capacity to carry a spare successfully
How about Erik Carlsson’s Saab 96 prepped for Baja rally, note the exhaust over the roof ultimate rally mod. But no the advice was a front drive car wouldn’t make the journey, while a Lancia Fulvia made it in 2013, knowing Saab gearboxes as I do, this was reluctantly passed on.
Phone 2013 229
1938 Lagonda V12, no chance too heavy and too complicated, but what a car


My old rig, we could collect fellow competitors along the way, albeit we’d still be in Mongolia after they were all long gone
Simon the legendary landlord of my local pub put his foot down: motorised foot, you drive it from inside the ankle and it’s surprisingly quick
Thoughts of Baja prep led us to James Garner’s Oldsmobile 442 the General Grabber, what a car
Olds 442
Hall Racing in the US did a beautiful job of restoring the 442, but Phil Young refused it an entry as too extreme
garner pic d
And James Garner found it hot work even with so few windows…
Chevvy Nova
Which led us to a Chevvy Nova, would have been great but Jon Slenzak the suspension guru who was looking at a Nova for sale in the US at a dealers said it seemed perfectly good, but why not buy the AMC AMX at the same dealers? Never heard or seen of one. But light for a US V8, short overhangs, basic mechanics, twin grip differential as standard, cart springs to the rear, enough storage. Sounds perfect for our mission
Playmate AMX
AMC AMX Playmate special edition from 1968 confirmed we’d found the right car