Engine prepped for dismantling in Autosportif’s Clean Room

Engine mounting off side sump and oil filter, note smog gear on end of exhaust manifold
Front pulley with water pump above. Big timing marks on block visibl
Starboard side of engine coil on top and bottom of carb showing
Front of engine showing water pump and hose to radiator
Front left of engine mechanical fuel pump and distributor
Engine mounting and exhaust manifold on left side, we retained the simple along and down exhaust manifold but lost the smog reduction devices
Top view from front
Original carburettor
Oil filler turret and lid visible on left

Geen arrives at Autosportif

Body was put on a rotisserie so cleaning up and preparing the shell gets under way.

Beefing up the cross members
Petrol tank removed and boot floor dropped
Recess cut into cross member for exhaust to run as close to the underside of the car as possible
Same on the other side
Er front wing cutting back rust I think
Folding back wing edges for larger tyres and to avoid sharp edges when changing wheels
Monocoque viewed from rear upside down
Engine bay dealing with spots of rust
Inner wing
Seat bases dropped down into body to make more space for crew and link bars from front to rear added
Near side leg of roll cage
Boot floor?
Underside letting in captive nuts
Beautiful seem welding by Steve
Neat and tidy

Rollcage installation

Peter Folbigg of Fabricage does such good work that you just assume an amazing job.   Steve Wilson of Autosportif welded  in a section to join the front sub frame to the rear one and turrets to accept the new dampers at the rear.  Peter did a great job of squeezing the near side front leg of the cage down the side of the existing dash.  We later cut out the front cross bar as it presented too much of a hazard to the crew shins, not just in an accident but getting in and out as well.  Cross bracing in the rear and a diagonal in the roof give us good strength.  We later discussed taking a leg forward from the cage to the front suspension turrets but it proved impractical.  Door bars worked well keeping a reasonable balance between side impact protection, accessibility and further strength in the cage.

Great job and having crash tested one of his cages I can’t recommend Peter highly enough.  Your life might depend on it…

Fabricage: 01223 870 563   Email: fabricage@btconnect.com  http://www.fabricageuk.co.uk/



033 (4)   IMAG0152



Strip out at Malbrad Saab Huddersfield

Steve Broadhead and John Taylor of Malbrad Saab, who prepare my Saab rally cars, enjoyed tearing the new car apart, check out the size of the engine relative to the tiny gearbox.  The rust I was worried about turned out to be mostly superficial.  The shell turned out to be amazingly solid.  Although sold with a 390 engine the car actually had a fairly fresh 360 engine fitted which is a better engine for the rally anyway.

http://malbrad.co.uk/         01484 544 556






Geen Remmen on the trailer in the tunnel

Mine now, Geen Remmen (the name taken from a note on the dash on collection: it means no brakes in Dutch) on the way home.  Note the strap on the bonnet to stop it flying open on the way back.  A relief to find the trailer was wide enough.

British Customs were typically shitty about me importing the vehicle.  Inspection involved eight of the border forces finest standing around the vehicle and generally poking around.  Didn’t seem to make much difference that I had all the paperwork they could ask for.  Registering the car with DVLA was fairly straightforward by comparison.  The Californian registration was XUM 037, and looks to have been green with white racing stripes originally.  The new UK registration is FND 367F.  Would be great to find some of its history if anyone has information on the car.


Joop Stolze Classic Cars

Having decided on an AMC AMX as the car for the event we had to find one. Chris Partington, a good friend, kindly inspected three AMX’s for sale with Joop Stolze in Holland.  Joop had the only cars available in Europe, the big advantage was we could inspect them fairly easily and it would save time shipping in a car from the USA.  After a fair bit of negotiation by email I set out to visit the dealership and collect the AMX.  I wasn’t prepared for the amount of stock Joop holds


Mercedes coupes in a line with rare Peugeot to the right, MGs on racks on right
Rare Lancia saloons to the rear of the Merc, listen closely and you can probably hear them rusting
Rows of Porsche 911s
Pick ups from 30s to 50s
Upstairs floor, motorbikes and pedal cars on the shelves, Triumph TR3s in the foreground Jaguar saloons in front and E types beyond
Pedal cars, motorbikes, models in front of pre war MGs
E types face off XK Jaguars
Italian exotica Ferrari and Alfas