Leaving Autosportif for shipping


Landmark moment, last minute resettling of the clutch aside, Geen is ready for shipping on Monday. Planning a visit to the Chelsea Cruise on Saturday. After Monday delivery to the shippers, the next time we see her is on 10 June in Beijing, 48 hours before the start. The start seems closer than ever…

3 thoughts on “Leaving Autosportif for shipping”

  1. Good luck guys, sorry I was not there to wave you off……
    I think you have a great car there and you are as well prepared as you can be..
    I will be keeping a close eye on your adventures!

    Best wishes

    Andy (legs) Rogers

    1. Thanks Andy, feels very close now, it’ll be a relief to get started after three years of preparation and then I suspect it’ll be over too soon.


  2. Best of luck fellas, enjoy the experience and try to come back with a result!
    Steve Wilson.

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