Monumental Car

The Artilery Memorial Hyde Park Corner
Admiralty Arch
Millenium Wheel South Bank and Hungerford Bridge viewed from Waterloo Bridge


AMC AMX Jan 004
The view the other way, all the major building of Central London looking very small in this picture. My favourite night view of London and the setting of Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks


Wellington Arch, also known as Constitution Arch or (originally) the Green Park Arch. Fab sculpture of Boadiccea on the roof


Oh my god, flames come out the back. Testing at Blyton 18.1.16

Testing at Blyton with Howard Patterson 18.1.16

Chase car is a Skoda. Flames most visible at the end of the clip.

Had a great day, Howard was impressed by Geen, and I gained a lot of confidence knowing the car goes pretty well on tarmac. I will have to get some night time flame footage. My car just got extra awesome.

First Major Service Feb 2016

We’ve covered 7000 km in mixed testing and driving, so time for a major service and inspection.  On the 21 February we leave for Geen Remmen’s first big test: two weeks testing in Morocco.  Some tension prior to the inspection: were those rumbles signs of trouble or just the noises the car makes? Too tappety at tickover? What was that graunching noise? How well is the clutch holding up?  Did the severe vibration do any damage before we cured it?

Great to report that all major components were working perfectly, transmission oil was clean, diff oil up to mark and clean. Some problems traced, a leaking oil seal on the axles, the rear brake disc pad back plates are failing in the rear callipers but the sliders were fine.  Given the car has been some distance now, it’s a great result.

Phew.  Loads more prep to do before we set off on an extended test to Marrakesh


Works feb 2016 012

Rear axle seal failing, note dripping oil

Works feb 2016 008
“Legs” and Jonathan struggling with the starter motor location
Works feb 2016 005
Exhaust and prop off, nose of diff revealed, all looking good but found a lot of gravel collecting in the second skin of the exhaust so drilled a couple of holes to at least provide an exit route
Works feb 2016 003
Front suspension on full droop. Hoping to get new Reiger suspension units on before we go to Morocco


The Things They Carried

Just starting to gather up  the spares, tools and kit we’ll take with us, we’ll take more to Morocco to increase the operating weight of the car and to make us more comfortable en route.  There’s a constant tension between taking parts to repair breakdowns while always trying to minimise the weight carried in the car.  We need to take hard to source parts with us but rely on our ingenuity to get parts that are more likely to be found locally.  Hence we wouldn’t take a spare battery (we did consider a two battery set up for the car but resolved to fit one big one instead) but we will take a spare alternator as, although we would be almost certainly able to find one locally, we would be unlikely to get one to fit in the confined space available.

Works feb 2016 014

Works feb 2016 017

Works feb 2016 024