First Drive

Auditioning for a part in Cars the cartoon movie
Or perhaps Monsters Inc
X rated
First Drive down the road, sounds glorious but pinch nut in differential hadn’t crushed properly, back to the workshops for another try.

Looking boss outside the workshop

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Suspension problems

The original design was for a single shock and spring with two helper shocks.  When fitted the helper shocks were almost closed at the normal ride height.  Disaster, they wouldn’t last five minutes on London road humps let alone cross country.

Tried all sorts of solutions but settled on a single coil over damper. John Hall did an amazing job of altering the wishbones to make this possible.




20150803_093007 (2)     20150810_173135 (2)

20150803_183028 (2)


Trip to the rolling road

Not many people left prepared to set up carbs, all very old school.  Dyno tester Steve one wiggy guy but seems to know what he’s doing.  Power at the flywheel isn’t particularly high, but the engine is built to be under stressed, to run on poor fuel and be reliable. Torque is very encouraging, looks like the curve from a diesel!


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