En Route but…


Geen lost her electric fan so overheated in traffic barely two miles from home. Once cooler and sorted I had a mad charge to make the train on time at Eurotunnel.  Landed in France and was barely underway before the engine cut.  Wouldn’t run at the roadside so a dramatic four further stops on the hard shoulder before I could get off the autoroute.

With terrific back up from Robbie and Howard over the phone tried all sorts of fixes and I had to use all my famous level 2 mechanical skills.  It also meant knowing where all the tools and parts were in the car.  Got there in the end once I tried the original AMX condenser.
From first brake down to getting back under way was five hours of stress and some danger in the wind and rain on a dark hard shoulder with the hazards not working.
Hoping to watch the sun come up in about four hours time…

Car Picnic


Crashed out across the seats at 4.30 very tired from last night’s endeavours. Up at 6.30 but slept heavily so not feeling too shoddy
Covered about 500km yesterday, will try and get most of the way to Madrid and find a hotel or somewhere to camp. Must get torch battery on charge, wouldn’t have been easy last night without it or the cheap jump leads  I threw in as an afterthought.  Thanks go to a nice couple who gave me a jump only to prove the second fitted condenser wasn’t working either.  First time that great battery has cried enough.  A new day today.

Meeting Jonathan at Madrid Airport


Just made Madrid Airport with enough time to repack the car to make room to stow Jonathan’s bags


First stop Cordoba


Jonathan put straight to work in the heat when the fan crapped out again


A stop in the hills

imageHeroes selfie, phone propped up on a rock


Oh dear if you’re a deer. We missed three deer on two separate occasions, but on the third Bambi got hit. He, or is it she?, was under the car as soon as I saw it/him/her. I think they survived, our high ground clearance probably helped.  Little bastard bent up the number plate and you can see the fur on the car if you look closely. No blood thankfully.

Africa at last

Arrived in the dark at a cold windy and fairly intimidating new port Tangiers Med. Stressful time trying to find offices, port locations, form filling and inspections. As border crossings go really not that bad.  I knew we had swung it when one of the inspectors colleagues got behind the wheel and started asking all sorts of questions – Geen provides a great introduction and backdrop to any encounter.

Skirted all sorts of near do wells in the port, got some cash and slummed it in a posh hotel in Tangiers.

Hadn’t really thought about it but wind, cold and driving rain wasn’t the weather I expected to accompany setting foot in Africa for the first time.

Breakfast brought fresh omelettes and cheese delicately spiced with Cumin. Last night’s dinner was tadjim and couscous, all over Morrocan flavours and with Tangiers answer to Silver Dollar playing the Hammond organ in the corner. Fortunately no photos were taken with the belly dancer…