June 2015

Fuel tanks folded and baffled, the big question is if 200 litres of fuel will be enough for the 400km range the car must have for the event
Jeep wheels in from America, hard to source steel wheels made from good quality metal, painted black with a red rim as a nod to the 1960s style redline tyres
DSC_1156 (2)
rear leaf and differential
DSC_1153 (2)
Engine in bay ancillaries hooking up
103 (2)
Brake lines to rear going back of car
104 (2)
gearbox and bell housing
099 (2)
Proper hunting for AMC parts in the wilderness, and this photo is after a lot of work with a chainsaw to reveal the car beneath
101 (2)
Hard to find the car let alone parts from it
100 (2)
The proud hunter and his trophies
014 (3)
Scarey offering up the engine to the bay note the green versus the blue
015 (3)
In place
016 (3)
Carbs and dizzy on
087 (2)
Stand aside!
098 (3)
Rear front and clutch hydraulics in
097 (3)
That’s what I call an engine mounting
021 (2)
Heater matrix pick up
019 (2)
Heater matrix and pedal box in
020 (2)
washer and wiper motor/linkage all in place

017 (2)

doors a sod to fit

018 (2)
Either side, bumper came up good
Tucked in a corner but keeping some smart company

Wheels tested in arches with Vredestein Winter Van tyres, cozy fit

024 (2) 025 (2) 026 (3) 20150619_115825 (2) 20150619_115840 (2)

Exhaust finishing and axles nearly done

DSC_1199 (2)
Balance box
DSC_1201 (2)
axle plate to protect diff and drive shafts, exhaust is as tight to the floor as we could get it, note the cut outs in the back valance to accommodate it
DSC_1202 (2)
Silencers, skidding and second skin to follow
First start 013
sleeved joints
First start 011
clearance on prop shaft looking forward
First start 010
Up and over the back axle
DSC_1200 (2)
front suspension
033 (3)
Rear suspension
First start 015
Maxtrax and bonnet
First start 002
front spring and shock on
First start 007
Cockpit taking shape, note fablon finish
First start 005
Power steering pump on
First start 003
Alternator on
Fuel pumps and filters going in
First start 006
Two coils fitted to wing second one is a spare
First start 012
Back of transmission and u/j
First start 001
Not a new creature, the seat covers nesting in the boot

Transport back to the painters

Front wheels were fouling on the wings so painshop had to take the car back to enlarge the opening in the front wings.  Great to see the car break cover and get a real feel for what she will look like finished.  Check out the engine bay.  Gives me goose bumps just looking at it.  First start soon I hope.

Off to exhaust 3 Off to exhaust 2 Off for Exhaust 168 165 164 163 161 159 160 158 157 156 153 150 075 (2) 074 (2) 072 (2) 070 (2) 069 (2) 067 (2) 066 (2) 065 (2) 064 (2) 063 (2) 062 (2) 061 (2) 058 (2) 059 (2)

On on on

111 (2)
Fuel tank mocked into position
047 (2)
Rear axle and unequal length drive shafts in place
Lambswool seat covers are back, not everyone’s taste but they look sensational and are properly comfy
115 (2)
Front axles and steering linkage taking shape
Engine and air box in, steering box in and steering column
046 (2)
Exhaust manifold and significant heat protected wiring to the battery

Possible to see what the finished item migh look like with wheels dummy fitted in arches

110 (2) 109 (2) 048 (2) DSC_1182 (2) DSC_1186 (2)