Rollcage installation

Peter Folbigg of Fabricage does such good work that you just assume an amazing job.   Steve Wilson of Autosportif welded  in a section to join the front sub frame to the rear one and turrets to accept the new dampers at the rear.  Peter did a great job of squeezing the near side front leg of the cage down the side of the existing dash.  We later cut out the front cross bar as it presented too much of a hazard to the crew shins, not just in an accident but getting in and out as well.  Cross bracing in the rear and a diagonal in the roof give us good strength.  We later discussed taking a leg forward from the cage to the front suspension turrets but it proved impractical.  Door bars worked well keeping a reasonable balance between side impact protection, accessibility and further strength in the cage.

Great job and having crash tested one of his cages I can’t recommend Peter highly enough.  Your life might depend on it…

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