Joop Stolze Classic Cars

Having decided on an AMC AMX as the car for the event we had to find one. Chris Partington, a good friend, kindly inspected three AMX’s for sale with Joop Stolze in Holland.  Joop had the only cars available in Europe, the big advantage was we could inspect them fairly easily and it would save time shipping in a car from the USA.  After a fair bit of negotiation by email I set out to visit the dealership and collect the AMX.  I wasn’t prepared for the amount of stock Joop holds


Mercedes coupes in a line with rare Peugeot to the right, MGs on racks on right
Rare Lancia saloons to the rear of the Merc, listen closely and you can probably hear them rusting
Rows of Porsche 911s
Pick ups from 30s to 50s
Upstairs floor, motorbikes and pedal cars on the shelves, Triumph TR3s in the foreground Jaguar saloons in front and E types beyond
Pedal cars, motorbikes, models in front of pre war MGs
E types face off XK Jaguars
Italian exotica Ferrari and Alfas