Experienced rally veterans Jim Valentine and Jonathan Lodge have prepared and restored an original 1968 AMC AMX car.

They’re entered in the classics category for cars over 2000cc in the Peking to Paris Rally 2016.

Leaving Beijing on 12 June, 36 days and 13,625 kilometres later they arrive in Paris on 17 July, 2016.

Contact us by email: p2pamx@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. The introduction titled “About” states you have prepared and restored an original AMC AMX car. In the USA your car would be considered custom/modified for racing rather than restored. The exterior does not look original because of the painted bumpers (bumpers were not painted in 1968), wrong side mirrors, steel black wheel design, roof scoop, hood fasteners. The interior is another area that is not original from what you stated in previous posts. Good luck! May the Force Be with You!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, well aware of the changes from the original, I have ammended the introduction page to reflect your concerns. Thanks for your interest, I have been piling build pictures up on the website so hopefully of some interest to AMC supporters.

  2. That’s different and awesome. I’m very partial to the AMX’and AMC. Learned to drive a 4 speed in a 69 390. Hope you guys kick ass.

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